Small Company With A Big Idea

Saturday, August 18, 2012 by

PeopleTowels, a small company with a BIG IDEA:  "Kids 4 the Planet,”

Annually 130 million trees are cut down to make paper towels, used for seconds and tossed.  In the U.S. alone we generate 13 billion pounds of paper towels waste every year.   PeopleTowels want to stop the madness!

With Kids 4 the Planet, just launched on Indiegogo, PeopleTowels is introducing kids to the decades-old Japanese custom of using personal hand towels rather than paper towels.  The campaign is asking kids to enter a design competition for a new line of PeopleTowels that will be given away to thousands of kids in schools, clubs or organizations nominated in the campaign. 

The future of the planet belongs to our kids.  In Japan, children bring a personal hand towel to school every day, creating a life-long sustainable habit that doesn’t include paper towels. With your support, Kids 4 the Planet can do the same for our kidsPlease spread the word and support Kids 4 the Planet on Indiegogo.


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