Get Lyft'ed by the pink furry mustache SF

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Learn why you need to know about this new mobile app in SF.

Do you believe in utilizing our existing infrastructure and transportation resources to serve a growing societal need… well then meet Lyft!

It was all started by the social entrepreneurs of Zimride, the most trusted name in long distance ride-sharing, as they kicked off this SF division… Lyft, your friend with a car, on-demand. Trained verified drivers like me, use their own cars, including a signature big furry pink mustache on the car to shuttle terribly happy folks around SF and beyond.  We use a clean breakthrough, terribly disruptive mobile app to guide us to each willing next passenger, fist bumps are the norm at Lyft.

I am driving my own car in SF, while beta-testing this hot new mobile app. I am also building local community good vibes by working for a startup spin-off in the local ride-sharing industry.  Collective consumption and the sharing economy never worked so well… other top US cities are next!

What no cash?
Yup, no cash or plastic cards move hands during these efficient rides, excited users sign-up with a credit card and are then billed after the ride.  At the end of the sweet Lyft, where you may sit up front and charge your iPhone, you are offered the optional +/- donation price.  Lyft keenly configures a fair "donation" amount, now including small $2 tip, based on time & distance, typically less than the rare SF taxi.  Riders can bump up the fare by adding money or subtracting money, based on their actual experience.  Riders and drivers then rate each other based on 5 stars regarding their experience and comfort during the Lyft.  It keeps everyone honest and well behaved.  

So… how is this possible?
 A few good reasons actually…
1. Donation rides, are considered legal in SF since the rides are pre-arranged via the mobile app.
2. Zimride and Lyft founders are incredibly smart and have cracked the broken SF taxi system.
3. Drivers are vetted via the DMV and criminal background checks prior to receiving their pink mustaches.
4. Taxis and cabs have abused their monopolistic powers in a city that needs to move "app" fast!
5. Entrepreneurs are disrupting all sectors that need innovation to include more shared resources.  

Amazingly, there is already competition in this space with SideCar offering a similar, albeit a bit less fun and Uber, for the executive's budget.  Lyft is certainly stealing the moment though, as SF comes alive with pink mustaches and yours truly own, the "pink unibrow."  People are excited, fist-bumps are flying and disruption is occurring. Next up… even more cities across the US! 

Lyft Pink Mustache in SF

So, next time you are stuck at a Muni stop with 43 minutes waiting for the next overcrowded bus, or waiving your arm numb from hailing a taxi… pause then download this hot new app and get LYFT'ed!

Need a ride… get a Lyft!
Now available for iOS and Android smartphones

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