Freddie Ravel

Tune Up to Success with Freddie Ravel

Thursday, June 23, 2011 by
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Lori BatchellerLatin Jazz musician Freddie Ravel set the mood for this green conference with upbeat jazz synthesizer and said thank you in over half a dozen languages, which set an atmosphere of inclusion. As it turns out, in Chinese LOHAS means happy life and I believe that living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle will certainly lead to a happy life for the earth and its inhabitants. Freddie literally brought us all (several hundred) into harmony by tuning us to the frequency used by every orchestra before they begin to perform. 

Recently, Freddie spent two weeks playing with Carlos Santana at the Hard Rock Cafe. Over the two weeks he spent there, he realized that what he once heard as noise-people, machines, music--was in fact all music. If we're really listening, says Freddie, music is everywhere. 

Our own music begins in the womb with the beating of our heart, and then we become a duet with our mother's heart, When we are born, we enter the world as a "little musical masterpiece." We enter, says Freddie, listening and expressing. We are given two ears and only one mouth, he says, because listening is harder than speaking. 

Freddie asks us to think about who we are and how we lead. How we listen and collaborate. How we conduct our daily life. What is our score. 

Without all four working together on a master level--harmony, rhythm, melody, and score, we are not working completely.

Freddie then put forth the five most important words for the sustainability conference, "How may I help you?"

He then played a latin version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart--another way to contribute to the upbeat atmosphere of this conference. 

He ended his talk with a wish that felt like a blessing--"May you always sing your melody, live your rhythm, and celebrate the great score that is you.

This I believe, is how change will happen. Each of us tuning into all of mankind and the world, knowing ourselves, and daring to sing our songs and live our greatness. 

Lori Batcheller is a freelance writer, yoga instructor and registered massage therapist who writes about health and wellness and sustainable lifestyles.